Rose is a writer & creative director. She is currently producing the Channel 4 adaptation of her memoir, Pure, and writing a film with FKA Twigs. Past projects include the relaunch of Channel 4's Random Acts; writing the world’s first OCD chatbot; and developing This Girl Can - Phenomenal Women. She often writes using the pen name, Rose Bretécher.

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I've been writing professionally, in commercials, film production, publishing and tech, for ten years. I left full time employment when I was 25 to set up my own company and start shaping my portfolio project by project. That's given me the freedom to chase work and collaborations that I’m passionate about…

While exploring London's agencies and production companies, I've been anchored by several long-running creative partnerships. A nine-month contract as the creative director of Branded Content at Pulse Films established a fruitful relationship there, and I've worked on more Somesuch projects than I count; most frequently with fantastic director Kim Gehrig and producer Denna Cartamkhoob. In 2017 I started a multi-project collaboration with FKA Twigs. Regardless of project or medium, I've found the same written, visual and structural skills invaluable.

As the boundaries between different types of content continue to blur, I love testing the possibilities of storytelling. From the roaming narrative of a game, to the linear journey of a bot, to a classic coming-of-age screenplay.

I'm proud to be on the board of directors at New York based non-profit, Intrusive Thoughts. I'm also the founder of Hot Brain Club – a think tank that brings together brilliant minds in creative and tech, to explore and improve mental health.

I've spoken about my work at SXSW, BBC Radio 1, BBC Woman's Hour, Wired Live and Sky News, and written op eds for Vice, the Guardian, the Independent and more. 

I’m always open to exciting new projects and collaborations.




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