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Hot Brain Club

Rose is currently testing an idea: a think tank devoted to bringing together brilliant minds in the creative and tech industries, to explore mental health. Tentatively titled Hot Brain Club.

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Hot Brain Club aims to: one, provide a supportive space for creative and tech professionals to discuss their own mental health; two, use their talents to develop initiatives that could help others.

Rose gets desperate messages from strangers nearly every day. Some are suicidal. She doesn’t have the resources to answer most of them. Clearly, there is a huge unmet need out there. Hot Brain Club isn’t about designing quick bolt-ons to established systems that aren’t working. It’s about interrogating the stories that our society tells about mental health; the way we pathologise suffering, the ways in which we try to fight stigma, and honestly appraising how our industries negatively impact mental health.

‘Hot-brainedness’ is a concept that a meditation teacher taught Rose. It refers to the state when your mind so busy it seems to simmer with restless, often painful energy. It struck a chord with Rose. Every day in her industry she meets people who seem to be battling a hot brain.

It also reflects something Rose has noticed: that people who know what it’s like to suffer mentally - really suffer - have a unique light inside them; a fire and a drive to make a difference. When that drive is applied to purposeful projects, the results can be healing and beautiful.