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Intrusive Thoughts

Rose is a director at New York based non-profit Intrusive Thoughts, devoted to the education and empowerment of people with OCD. Rose wrote and developed the world's first OCD chatbot with the Intrusive Thoughts team.

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Rose has been on the board at Intrusive Thoughts since 2015. She consults on the charity’s tone, and look and feel. The site has reached over half a million people in over 200 countries with a simple message: you are not alone, and you have the power to help yourself. She and the Intrusive Thoughts team are writing and developing the world’s first OCD chatbot. For Rose and the charity’s founder, Aaron Harvey, the bot offers a unique opportunity to take users by the hand and tell them a linear story about their suffering. Once launched, the bot will represent everything that Aaron and Rose wished had existed when they were clueless kids, struggling with OCD in silence.