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Pure started life in Rose's mind: a shameful secret she kept for a decade. In 2018 her story will be reimagined as a Channel 4 drama series. She made this video to announce the show...

In 2013, Rose wrote a cover story for Guardian Weekend - a memoir feature about her life with intrusive sexual thoughts as a symptom of OCD. It was the first time the condition had ever been aired in mainstream media. It was read 180,000 times in the first two days. Rose then wrote a book on the same subject, called Pure, and successfully crowd-funded its publication. In 2015 Rose met with several production companies interested in adapting the book, and chose one, Drama Republic, to option it. In 2018, Pure will air on Channel 4 as a six-part drama adaptation.

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Rose is involved in various aspects of the production, from casting, to page-turns with the script team. One of her key responsibilities, having lived the central character’s experience, is preserving the emotional truth of mental suffering, and striking a balance between authenticity and watchability. Here's the video she made to crowdfund the book, and below, the Unbound/Penguin Random House paperback >>>>