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This Girl Can

Rose worked with Somesuch director and long-time collaborator Kim Gehrig to develop Sport England’s 2017 This Girl Can campaign.


Rose spent weeks getting inside the head the brand’s everygirl, writing a series of images, scenes and lines that played with perceptions of femininity: ‘I am the gentle sex, I am the fallen woman, I am the bag lady’. Many of these concepts are realised in the final film. 

The birth scene started life in Rose’s notes: ‘Juxtapose force of woman leg-pressing in gym w/ force of woman giving birth. Cut to woman kissing baby’s head: "I can go harder than you could ever imagine. And softer."'

For the ‘unstoppable ass jiggling in slow motion’, Rose was inspired Homer’s immortal love letter to Marge: ‘you’ve got a butt that won’t quit’: (

Watch the final advert here.